About Us

Some forty years ago my father gave me a small bundle of letters written by my great-great-grandfather to my great-grandfather, as I had been interested in our family’s history. From there my interest rapidly spread to locating other relevant material, mostly at that time to be found in public archives; a passion had been instilled in me for researching history, and especially medieval history. The natural corollary of this was to start collecting manuscripts, leading on to successfully dealing in them some years ago.

After a period working abroad in a different capacity I decided to put the experience gained over the years to good use, the result of which is this business. I trust I may welcome you as a valued customer in due course. Material is added on a regular basis, so do bookmark this site and visit on a regular basis. I hope sooner or later there is something that is of interest to you.

Some transcriptions and abstracts of manuscripts can be found on my personal web-site and are free to use.


Please note that I am also a buyer of manuscripts, either individually or as a collection, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have something to sell.

Kenneth Jacob