ASSIGNMENT of Leasehold land known as the Red Hall Garden, in Southwark – 1922

From the trustees of the Red Cross Hall to the Major, Aldermen and Councillors of the Metropolitan of Southwark. Conveyance dated 11th December 1922. Parties to the deed are Janet Johnson of Ewhurst in Surrey, Charles Stewart Loch of Little Bookham in Surrey, Mary Lumsden of Cranleigh in Surrey, Lancelot William Bennett of Fleet Street, City of London, Cecil Antony Nussey of Mowbray House, Strand, and the Mayor etc of Southwark. Lengthy preamble…. Signed by all 6 of parties, the paper seal of the borough of Southwark is attached. On 6 pages of parchment, 5 with text, c 27 x 40 cms.

Sir Charles Stewart Loch (1849-1923) was born in Bengal in 1849. He attended Trinity College, Glenalmond, and then Balliol College, Oxford. From, 1873-1875 he was clerk of the Royal College of Surgeons, a member of the Commission on aged poor (1893-1895), Durkin Trust Lecturer at Manchester College Oxford (1896-1902), on the Royal Commission on the Care and Control of the Feeble Minded, and on the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws. He was Tooke Professor of Economic Science and Statistics at King’s College London (1904-1908). He published a number of books and contributed to various cademic journals.


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