MOIETY OF THE HIRRHOS HALL ESTATE in Montgomeryshire – 1884

Indenture made 17th October 1884 between Whitmore Henry Perkes of Southport, in the county of Lancaster, Gentleman, and Fenton Mangnall of the city of Manchester, merchant, of the 1st part, Anne Ainsworth Dewhurst of Southfield near Handforth, in the county of Chester, widow, John Lee of the city of Manchester, merchant, and Sir Joseph Cocksey Lee of the city of Manchester, Knight, of the 2nd part, and the said Anne Ainsworth Dewhurst of the 3rd part, and Annie Lee Dewhurst of Southport, spinster, and Lucy Eleanor Dewhurst, spinster, of the 4th part….a very lengthy and informative preamble….the deed being the conveyance of the moiety of the Hirrhos Hall estate in Montgomeryshire. Added is a schedule which refers to two messuages in the parishes of Llanfair and Llanerfyl in Montgomeryshire. Signed and sealed by all seven parties. On 2 sheets of parchment, ca 71 x 60 cms., in a good, clean condition.


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