BELL FAMILY archive 1532-1873 – Quaker interest.

A small collection of 12 manuscripts relating to the BELL family of Cumbria and Wandsworth, many of whom were Quakers. There are two booklets containing pedigrees of the family, the one probably compiled by Daniel Bell of Wandle House, East Moulsey, Surrey. There are similarities between the booklets, but one suggests descent from a 15th century William Bell. There are transcripts and translations, probably executed in the 19th century, of charters of Nicholas Fletcher to William Bell (1532), Allan Bell (1586), Alan Bell (1587), Peter Richardson to Richard Bell (1596), and John Bell (1606). These are on paper, c 33 x 42 cms. and in excellent condition. There are two undated letters of an affectionate nature addressed by Daniel Bell to Lucy Bell; a letter to Daniel Bell from Arthur Barclay of “Urie and Mathers (titular)” dated 1847; the Barclays intermarried with the Bells. A letter dated 1873 is addressed to “my dear Cousin Turner” (William Turner), and finally there is a fragment of paper with genealogical notes on it.


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