SILHOUETTE of Daniel Webster (1782-1852), American Secretary of State.

daniel webster

A silhouette of Daniel Webster (1782-1852), printed on linen cloth. There is a maker’s mark “No 73 Hiawatha”. I don’t know what age this has, but it came in a relatively old frame, which is not offered for sale. It measures c 21 x 30 cms, and is in very good, clean condition.

Daniel Webster (1782-1852) was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire on 18th January 1782, and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1801. He was admitted to the New Hampshire State Bar in 1805, and later became a US Congressman (1813-1817). He then became Senator (1827-1841) and in 1841 President William Henry Harrison made him Secretary of State, a post in which he remained until 1843. Following his resignation from that post he was agaian elected to the Senate (1845-1850). He died on 24th October 1852.


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