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POOR RATE for the township of Desmond – 1823

A document entitled “Poor rate for the township of Desmond” dated March 1823. Listed are the names of those assessed and the rents they paid for their properties. The Mayor and Vicar of Newcastle are shown. On paper, c 23 x 36, very slightly dirty along upper margin, yet in good clean condition.
PRICE: Withdrawn

LEMMINGTON in the parish of Edlingham, in the county of Northumberland – 1823

“List of the Rents in the Township of Lemminton in the Parish of Edlingham”. In two columns are listed the names of those assessed and the amounts at which they were assessed. The document is signed by Fenwick Trumbile, Overseer (of the Poor); dated on the dorse 1823. On paper, c 18 x [...]

ROCHESTER ward, in South Division of Coquet ward 1823

Document entitled “A rate for Rochester ward” (in the county of Northumberland). In two columns are given the names of the properties and their occupiers, and the rental value for the same. Signed by Thomas Clennel and Thomas Singleton, dated 23rd April 1823. On one sheet of paper, with one small hole towards upper margin, [...]

NEWHAM Property Tax – 1823

A rate in the township of Newham dated 15th March 1823. On one sheet of paper, c 20 x 32 cms,   listing 46 names, giving the rental value of property on which they were assessed. Signed by the overseer Wm Elliott, as also by two who allowed and examined the assessment. Slight fraying along left [...]

WOOLLER in the East Division of Glendal Wood, in the County of Northumberland – 1823

“A copy of the assessment on which the Poor’s rate is made in the parish of Wooller” , dated 8th April 1823. On paper, c 20 x 32 cms, 4 pages, 2 with text, 4 columns per page listing the names of the those assessed and the amounts on which they were assessed; over 100 [...]